Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Stills - Crocodile Cafe, Seattle

I was glancing over some old gig photos and thought I would post them....even though they are a little out of date, I am sure you will all be happy to see them.
Over time, you might discover that we are a little Stills crazy here at Amplify HQ. During our trek across the globe, we were lucky enough to catch the boys at a few of their West Coast shows. We decided to change a few of our plans and head out to see them, especially as we were deprived of music whilst travelling on a serious budget and because it was the release of their new album.

As usual, they never disappoint. Maybe we are a little bias but they put on some truly great shows. They seemed to be tighter and more in control. I was slightly dubious with the departure of original guitarist Greg Paquet and I still had not decided about my thoughts of Dave Hamelin as the lead man but I am all for change. With Dave reminiscent of Bob Dylan you couldn't really fault their new direction. Gone were the choppy guitars and in their place came up-beat folky strums with Dave's drawl stumbling over the top.

It seems changes are quite a good idea.

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Monday, 1 October 2007

Something To Look Forward To

You may roll your eyes or turn away in despair and scream
‘How many music blogs does the cyber world need?’
To an extent I would agree but there are people out there that are doing a fine job so we mustn't complain.

So please allow us to slip in between the megabytes and share our little world of dusty stages, broken guitar strings and our simple love of music and all things interesting. You will get to know more about us as we go along but for now lets maintain a little mystery. Like it's our first date.

Spoon - Something To Look Forward To

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