Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Stanley Park Singing Exhibition

photo via Myspace

After much unpacking and settling in to my new apartment, I have finally found the time to update Amplify This in the new location of Vancouver. A beautiful city that I am happy to call my new home for a little while. Still trying to discover the hot spots in town and find out where the cool kids hang, I have been resorting to local magazines and free papers for all the news that I need to know.

The main event in Vancouver that jumped out at me and one that I am most excited about is The Stanley Park Singing Exhibition presented by The New Pornographers. Being held on the 31st August and 1st September at Malkin Bowl with the stunning backdrop of Stanley Park, this two day concert will see the likes of Neko Case, Destroyer, Deerhoof and The New Pornographers themselves take to the stage and provide a summer weekend to remember. Make sure you get tickets for both days because you will need to make your friends jealous when you return to school after summer.

Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster and you can find more info at Myspace

Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Futureheads @ Electric Ballroom

Last week saw yet another intimate show in London town. With the release of third album 'This Is Not The World,' The Futureheads played a one-off show at Electric Ballroom to inform us they are well and truly back. Performing tracks from their new album while squeezing in the classics, they put on a rapturous show to bouncing fans who had tears of joy falling down their cheek. Clearly not content with simply providing the music, The Futurehead boys added to the show with comical banter between songs. Filling us in with storys of mates being dumped by girls and life in Sunderland, they seemed just as at ease being the comedien as they were being the musician. With recent difficulties put aside, The Futureheads proved they have returned and louder then ever.

The Futureheads Site / Myspace
More Live photos at Amplify This Flickr

Support came from Australian teenyboppers Operator Please who showed us where the party's at.

Also, new kids from Goatee Beach, Thomas Tantrum ripped up their indie/pop tunes to kick start our night

Monday, 2 June 2008


Gramercy Arms

I think I have just found the band to soundtrack my summer! With former members of Guided By Voices, Joan As Policewoman and Luna it was enevitable that this was going to be a fairly awesome band. With everything you need from hand-claps, bah-bah-bah chants and up-beat strums it's hard not to put the Gramercy Arms on repeat.

Gramercy Arms Website / Myspace

photo by Dr Gonzo
The Cherry Cobb Cartel

With influences from At The Drive-In to Edith Piaf, this foursome from Yorkshire offer a stomping blend of chugging beats and guitars that pretty much break the pitch of any ear. Maybe the fact they are playing BBC Raw Talent Session on the 27th July will persuade you to have a further listen.

MP3: Download 'Schziophrenic' from The CCC Myspace