Monday, 2 June 2008


Gramercy Arms

I think I have just found the band to soundtrack my summer! With former members of Guided By Voices, Joan As Policewoman and Luna it was enevitable that this was going to be a fairly awesome band. With everything you need from hand-claps, bah-bah-bah chants and up-beat strums it's hard not to put the Gramercy Arms on repeat.

Gramercy Arms Website / Myspace

photo by Dr Gonzo
The Cherry Cobb Cartel

With influences from At The Drive-In to Edith Piaf, this foursome from Yorkshire offer a stomping blend of chugging beats and guitars that pretty much break the pitch of any ear. Maybe the fact they are playing BBC Raw Talent Session on the 27th July will persuade you to have a further listen.

MP3: Download 'Schziophrenic' from The CCC Myspace

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