Friday, 7 March 2008

Land of Talk @ Water Rats

How must a band feel to play on a Monday night? It's the start of the week, the weekend has just flashed past in a whiskey fuelled blur and the red blood vessels in your eyes are becoming more obvious during the meeting about accounts and reconcilliations. Unfortunately, it's always the really great bands that get the shitty nights for their gigs. Especially when it's a debut headline show but I think that's to our advantage. The Water Rats Theatre in Kings Cross is empty and I honestly can't contain my excitement. Reason being that before I left work I got an email from The Cloud Room mailing list telling me they are in town tonight and performing at none other than.......WATER RATS. The Cloud Room......supporting Land of Talk. Is this possible!!

So, standing by the side of the stage I await The Cloud Room. After seeing them some years back, it will be good to hear their new material, which does not fail to impress. The energy they send through an empty room is immense. With the cross armed crowd standing at a distance, lead singer J didn't seem to worry. Sweaty with veins about to burst every song had the same enthusiasm. They kept Hey Now Now until the end which made the crowd light up with a 'wait a minute, i know this song' arrogance and then it was all over. A short 30 minute set and they strolled backstage...leaving us wanting more.

Now, I love Canadian bands-fact! And I love it even more when they play London. Land Of Talk's mini album has been on my turntable for quite some time and I was becoming quite giddy at the thought of seeing them in the current intimate surroundings. The lighting is low and slightly romantic. The pixie that is Elizabeth is partly hidden by her own shadows as she closes her eyes and sighs down the microphone...easy boys! The focus is on her. Maybe because girls in bands is still a new, exciting thing. Especially someone like Elizabeth who can't help but make you want to look at her.

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