Friday, 7 March 2008

Scientists With Brains

A school crammed with adolescent girls must be a tough environment for teachers...especially male teachers. All the oestrogen floating in the air with innocent whispers of platform shoes, spotty boys and tampons in the same sentence can't be a pretty sight. I always wondered why teachers would put themselves through it. In particular my science teacher. He was a slight man, with a bearded face and hair that was always dull with grease. He conformed to the stereotype by wearing trousers that were constantly fighting a losing battle with his ankles and blazers with the leather padded elbows. He didn't really do himself any justice and we girls never really left him alone. He would always walk around school singing to himself and we would waste an hour's lesson asking him to sing Spice Girls songs - which he happily agreed to. There were moments when we considered him only as our amusement but I like to think that we all developed respect and a caring affection for the old man.

Since then I had considered all scientists to slot into that image. Even if they are three men exclaiming to screaming girls 'We Are Scientists!'
I'm partial to the geeky, bookish type but I would never have thought that kind of thing would sell. But when you are witty, dry humou
red and can sing like an angel then you are doing something right - it's all starting to sound like my science teacher, isn't it?

Well, these Scientists have well and truly returned. As a twosome may I add since the departure of drummer Michael but that's not stopping them from making noise. Matured like a class A French cheese, they seem to be taking things more seriously and proving they are far from the one hit wonder some people originally thought. They ripped up the London scene with furious intensity and toured continuously across the globe like erm…scientists on crack (excuse the pun!). After a well deserved time out, the New York poppets have enlightened us to a brand new single and a delicious taster of what’s to come on the always difficult sophomore albu
m. After Hours has an unassuming repetitiveness that is juxtaposed with heartfelt lyrics as Keith cries out in desperation ‘say that you’ll stay!’

And our reply to you Keith, is we’re not going anywhere.

WAS are back on the destructive road for a UK and European tour and begin with a handful of free in store appearances. Get there early!

Check WAS myspace for further details

3 Mar 08 – 18.00

Instore Performance - HMV Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland

4 Mar 08 – 16.30

Instore Performance - Jumbo Records, Leeds Leeds, Midlands

5 Mar 08 – 17.00

Instore Performance - Rapture Entertainment Ltd, Witney Witney, South

6 Mar 08 – 17.30

Instore Performance - Fopp, Cambridge Cambridge, Midlands

7 Mar 08 – 18.00

Instore Performance - Banquet Records, Kingston Kingston, London and South East

24 Mar 08 - Cologne Gloria

25 Mar 08 - Hamburg Ubel & Gefahrlich

26 Mar 08 - Dresden Beatpol

27 Mar 08 - Fribourg Fri-son

29 Mar 08 - Munich Elserhalle

30 Mar 08 - Mousonturm Frankfurt

1 Apr 08 - Rotterdam Rotown

02 Apr 08 - Groningen Vera

03 Apr 08 - Utrecht Tivoli De Helling

07 Apr 08 - Dublin Ambassador Dublin

08 Apr 08 - Galway Roisin Dubh Galway

09 Apr 08 - Belfast Mandela Hall

10 Apr 08 - Derry Nerve Centre

12 Apr 08 - Glasgow Barrowlands Scotland

13 Apr 08 - Aberdeen Music Hall Scotland

14 Apr 08 - Newcastle Northumbria University

15 Apr 08 - Manchester University

17 Apr 08 - Sheffield Octagon

18 Apr 08 - Birmingham Academy

19 Apr 08 - Nottingham Rock City

20 Apr 08 - Norwich U.E.A

22 Apr 08 - Southampton Guildhall

23 Apr 08 - Bristol Academy

24 Apr 08 - London Shepherds Bush Empire

25 Apr 08 - London Shepherds Bush Empire