Sunday, 6 April 2008

Amplified! Vol.1 - The Nightjars

photo by Anne-Laure Franchette

A new feature arrives at Amplify This! to pay homage for all new bands around the globe. If you have the Amplified tag stamped on your backside then you are definitely going places.

To guide us on this snowy March Sunday is The Nightjars, a four-piece shining the light for Manchester. Now correct me if I am wrong but whenever I think of bands from Manchester, I have the image of drunken, arrogant, northern swagger that comes with bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays but I suppose you can't make those assumptions to all bands. Of course, you can never forget the likes of Joy Division, Doves and Elbow which proves Manchester have managed to keep their footprint firmly on the music map.

The Nightjars are another band who are ready to join that list and on paper they look very promising. With influences from Velvet Underground and Pixies they are sure to cause a bit of a frenzy. After listening to some tracks off their album 'Towards Light' I have yet to feel dissatisfied. Alot of angst. Alot of drums. And a whole lot of bass. Perfect!

They deliver punchy, scratchy guitar rock in the form of 'Stay Focused,' 'Bass Drum' and 'Set Them Up' that gives a raw, young image for a band that are still on the fickle music ladder but the songs that stood out for me are the more melodic, grown up gems like 'You Set Me Reeling' and 'Second Guess.' Both with dreamy guitar and luscious vocals from lead singer Ollie that provide a heartbreaking mix for all us loved up couples that huddle together in pub corners and share whiskey tainted kisses while trying to pay attention to the band providing the soundtrack.

Label buddies with Joan As Policewoman, The Nightjars are sure in good hands on Reveal Records and hold promising reviews in NME, BBC Online and Fake DIY. These Mancunian guys are definitely doing something right so make sure you jump on the bandwagon before they reach the stadium they are aiming for.

Keep an eye on The Nightjars at their
site and myspace for news and dates
Until then, caress your ears with these darlings

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