Monday, 7 July 2008

Tilly and the Wall at Richards on Richards, Vancouver 04 07 08

Tilly and the Wall

Sequined dresses, tap dancing and neon lights were the combination for Independence Day celebrations on Friday night at Richards on Richards. The Omaha five piece took to the stage with as much glitz and glamour as a half naked, burlesque dancer in a giant champagne glass and provided a rainbow of colour to shine upon the crowd. I wasn’t too familiar with Tilly and the Wall shows so was open minded and quite impressed to see a lack of drummer and Jamie providing beats through her Fred Astaire tap dancing skills.

Tattoo covered vocalist Kianna hit us with angsty chants during single ‘Pot Kettle Black’ in a monochrome dress and neon stripped tights while stomping in her delicate diamante mary-janes. Guitarist Derek shuffled and hopped around the stage during ‘Cacophony’ while Neely rung out the tambourines and maracas like a Latino lovely which made me feel like I was a cowgirl riding in the desert during a Mexican shootout.

The predominately male, tight t-shirted crowd proved to be firm Tilly followers as they sung along to every word and gyrated their hips at the foot of the stage. I shyly stood at the back trying to decide what to make of it all. Although, thoroughly enjoying it from the start, boredom gradually crept over me as every song began to sound the same as the last. After what felt like an incredibly long show, Tilly and the Wall bid us farewell to rapturous applause and thanked us for being the best crowd ever (don’t all bands say that?) I left unimpressed but continued to stomp my feet down Richards singing Pot Kettle Black. Clearly they are as infectious as their tap shoes.

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