Sunday, 17 August 2008


photo by Mike Berlucchi

I have a long list to get through for this post. So many bands, labels and randoms have been sitting in my inbox and my priorities seem to be concentrating on cider and blueberry pies. Shame! So here are a delightful handful of bands that are turning on the turntables.

Mason Proper

I am a huge fan of RCRDLBL and alot of new music comes from them and yet again they got it right. Mason Proper are a five piece from Michigan and are the soundtrack to the subconscious mind. The free falling riffs and orchestral build ups seem to be the perfect partner for my abstract thoughts. Mason Proper HQ are based at Dovecote Records (home to the likes of Ed Harcourt and Bad Veins) and they are releasing their second full length Olly Oxen Free on 23rd September. For now you can download a sneak preview in the form of Lock and Key. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

MP3: Lock and Key

Myspace / Website

photo via myspace

There is something rather comforting when you hear loud, well formed songs from guys that are yonuger than your everyday bands. Return To Sender began their musical journey at the tender age of 16 and have continued through those awkward teenage years and appear to be the tight rock band that all those industry folk want to corrupt. They seem to have taken things in their own hands and are signed to Five One Inc label in California and have just released their new album The Grand Exposure. Every song stands on it's own with confidence and the sound of how a rock band should be. Like an early day Biffy Clyro, they hold passionate lyrics, fuzzy guitar that magically lead into quiet, dreamy riffs and a vocalist that sounds like he will implode if he doesn't get his message across. For such a young group of guys, they deserve everything any rock band wish for.

MP3 via Myspace: The Grand Exposure

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