Sunday, 22 March 2009

It's Frightening

photo by Lucy Hamblin

With a debut album that threw them into indie darling infinity and live shows that are forever discussed by music elite, you can understand how difficult it could be to follow up with album number two. Not quite the case for White Rabbits. 2007's Fort Nightly was an insanely incredible album. Perfectly crafted with every track different from the last and The Specials influences shining through the tropical beats and ska riffs.

So to my delight I discovered that the Rabbits are releasing a new album for Spring. A scheduled date of May 19th 2009 will see It's Frightening enter our lives. Percussion Gun is the first installment I have heard and it is....well, amazing. The opening drum intro is enough to get you hooked. However, the hand claps, dirty bass and haunting vocals might help a little more.

Head over to our friends at RCRDLBL as they have kindly offered Percussion Gun for download. Oh yeah!

MP3: White Rabbits - Percussion Gun

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