Monday, 20 April 2009

The Roots and Tokyo Police Club

photos by Amplify This!

So I have lacked on the live reviews recently which is funny as I have actually been to a lot of shows. I'll start with AMS Block Party at UBC in Vancouver. A student haven of beer, weed and loud music.
Making their way from Ontario, Tokyo Police Club were main support and gave us a kick with twangy guitars and dance beat drums. I was pleased I finally got to see them live as it was worth the wait.

The Roots were the main performance and the crowd were clearly saving themselves for this part of the show. Shame they were all wasted.
Seven strapping men come stomping across the stage with tuba intact to perform a hugely powerful set. I am not too familiar with The Roots apart from a lot of people loving them so all I will say is that they were really very good.

The Roots Site / Myspace

Tokyo Police Club Site / Myspace

More photos at Amplify This! Flickr