Monday, 21 April 2008

Amplified! - Professor Murder

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Last year, I was rummaging on RCRDLBL and set myself a task to pick out only band names that I liked and download tracks even before listening to them. I recommend that everyone should give this a try because boy, did I discover some gems. The one diamond that is shining brightly at the top of my list is Professor Murder.

The New York four-piece seem to thrive on putting all their loves and influences into one big, bubbling pot and mixing it altogether. The final dish is a mash up of old music, new music, computers, loads of percussion and lyrics that I can just about understand. They don't seem
to care about conforming to whatever is 'cool' or considered a proper band. All they seem to care about is having fun and mixing beats into the crazy world of music. So call it what you like - dance, acid house or as their myspace states, happy hardcore and jam band - one thing's for sure, this is music that you just have to ring your cowbell to.

Professor Murder at RCRDLBL and MYSPACE

RCRDLBL also have a few tracks that you can download
Flex-It Formula
Civilization Three

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