Monday, 14 April 2008

Amplified! Vol.4

The Kiss Off, Brooklyn New York

I have been overwhelmed with American bands of late. A few popping in my inbox every few days that are really catching my attention. This morning I came across The Kiss Off from Brooklyn.
The five piece formed in 2007 by guitarist Adam De Rosa, bassist Nathan Lithgow and keyboardist Oliver Edsforth. The threesome was later joined by drummer Michael Resnick and singer Sam Tyndall.

They maintain a nice little list of influences including Bowie, Echo The Bunnymen and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You can hear the British influence shine through on tracks like 'Laying Dead' which holds an incredible Bowie strutting bass drum that runs through you for miles on end. I also need to mention 'Knots' with its distorted bass line that could be Joy Division if I close my eyes. Lead singer Sam Tyndell also delivers with the similar desperation that Ian Curtis once had. With fantastic vocal range his voice sores from the deep mumbles to passionate cries that can be heard on their EP 'Brace' which is released in Spring 2008.

The Kiss Off definitely gave my day the start it needed and are proof that British bands continue to influence musicians across the globe. If I had the paycheque of Puff Daddy then I would fly these boys over the atlantic myself.

The Kiss Off myspace and a couple of tracks for you to delight in

The Kiss Off - Laying Dead
The Kiss Off - Knots

Unicycle Loves You, Chicago Illinois

Yet more goodies from Chicago. All this delicious new music is making me beam. Which is exactly what Unicycle Loves You do to me. They are like the moment you put your favourite chocolate in your mouth and let the velvety, melting sugar and cocoa beans disperse over your tastebuds. Combining trumpets, castanets, synths and my most beloved cowbell only adds to their uplifting, sing along tracks. 'Highway Robbery' glides through with a Belle & Sebastian dreaminess including lots of 'ba ba ba ba di da.' Similarly on 'Woman Bait For Manfish' with the beautiful xylophone at the beginning. Unicycle Loves You are heavenly by name and heavenly by sound.

Just leave me to float away to Chicago on my chocolate boat.

Unicycle Loves You site and myspace where you can find plenty of upcoming Chicago dates

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