Thursday, 10 April 2008

Amplified! Vol.3

Man Plus, Seattle WA

As usual, when I am less than inspired by the British music scene my attention turns straight to America or Canada. I am currently going through that stage and I have discovered some gems that I would like to share with you all.

Man Plus are from Seattle and make tunes that you have to move to. I don't like comparing bands to other bands but with Man Plus, I truly can't think of anyone that they sound like. They use the average three minutes wisely by cramming in elctro beats and high hats, fuzzy guitars and mumbled vocals. 'A Ghost Is A Ghost Is A Ghost' was the first thing I heard and it blew me away. The repetitive piano chord that opens the intro and continues to play throughout the whole song is genius. The simple fact they don't remind me of anyone else makes me like them even more and maybe because they are from Seattle. Oh! and they have awesome art work. Either way, just make the most of the following goodies

Man Plus site and myspace
and some of their fancy artwork below

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