Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Coconut Love

I openly admit that I fall in love everyday. It's a kind of disorder that I can't control. I really try. Unfortunately, it is and most probably will always be with boys that I can't have. That is definitely true for the following person. Since I first saw him riding his bike, catching a train across the Indian desert or wearing tights during 18th Century French monarchy he has stolen every beat of my heart. I have since discovered that not only is he beautiful, funny and clever, he is also musical. That doesn't make my unrequited love any easier. He has a voice like an angel and writes lyrics like 'I wish you would've put yourself in my suitcase. I love you standing all alone in a black coat.' All that is left for me to do is hide under my duvet and cry myself to sleep.

For all of you that have no idea what I am droning on about just go to
Coconut Records
Do your research and you will know who I am talking about.
(If you need a more obvious hint then go
here or just look below)

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