Friday, 18 April 2008


photo by David Straight

The following have been on I-pod rotation this week.

Still Corners

London based duo Still Corners have been whispering through my speakers with their shoegaze, Doors style tunes. Vocals that hold a Karen Carpenter delicacy with psychedelic organs and dazed guitars that lead me dreamily through these miserable spring days.

Check out 'History of Love' and 'Cremona' at Still Corners myspace

photo by Gregory Nolan

The New York Fund

It's nice to see there are grown up bands in London. None of these kids with neon slashed t-shirts and hi-tech trainers showing off their new angular hair cut that covers one side of their face. It's good to know there are bands that stick to dreamy guitars and heart beat basslines. That's the beauty of country rock n roll - sweet love songs, with the occasional burst of dirty, explosive rock. The New York Fund bring their rugged handsomeness and Jack Daniels fused heartache that they so rightly declare. To make your life complete take a look at The New York Fund myspace

photo by Shervin Lainez

Jukebox The Ghost

Washington DC trio Jukebox The Ghost might be getting bored of the Ben Folds comparisons so apologies for adding myself to that list. However, it is certainly not a bad thing. With their uplifting piano-pop that douses you with happiness, it's hard not to fall in love with these three lovely men. Heartfelt, energetic and simply contagious - and that's only through my stereo. Jukebox The Ghost are currently on tour across the States and should be making their way over to the UK soon. More info and downloads go to Jukebox The Ghost myspace

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