Friday, 18 April 2008

Shout Out Louds and The Brunettes @ Bush Hall 10/04/2008

Time has never been on my side when it comes to a Shout Out Louds tour. Every London show has always clashed with me being out of the country or an irrelevant activity that I am not needed for.
However, last week finally saw their return and I was most definitely not going to miss it. Bush Hall provided the venue and a most fitting venue at that. Beautiful cupid statues coming out of the walls, red, velvet curtains and crystal chandeliers that added a touch of class and sophistication. Perfect for a band of similar sorts.

New Zealand youngsters The Brunettes offered their bouncing girl/boy pop as support and kept things upbeat with lots of wooden percussion,
trumpets and clarinets. The crowd didn't seem as excited as The Brunettes but that's the London audience for you. The appreciation was eventually expressed with the unfolding of arms and waving them sporadically in the air as The Brunettes challenged the audience to a dance off competition. The ladies had no problem with one in particular chosen as the winner.

The Brunettes continued their set with a child-like, 60s inspired sweetness and some unusual chanting of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Their youth and bubblegum-pop ballads provided the ideal opener for our headliners.

With a new EP recently completed, Shout Out Louds return with their love struck urgency and new song 'Impossible' opening with The Cure tinged vocals like 'I don't want to feel like I don't have a future.' Lead singer Adam, holds that overwhelming appreciation in his eyes which shows how much he is happy to be on that stage soaking in the enthusiastic crowd. He shuffles nervously in between songs and hugs his guitar lovingly when the moment suits.

They perform an amazing set using every instrument they can get their hands on and spoon feeding us classics 'Please Please Please, Very Loud and Tonight I Have to Leave It.' On one occasion Bebban leaves her keys and glides to the front mic to sing in delicate, hushed tones and once finished returns back to her original spot as if she never moved. Once they finish their intense encore to disapproving fans who wish the night would never end, Adam cups his hands together and shakes them on each side of his head like a boy that has just won a gold medal proving Shout Out Louds have a grip firmly on our hearts.

More live photos at Amplify This! Flickr

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